For Suppliers

Haemata Ltd is a Whakatāne based company specialising in Māori language and Māori education and we are committed to promoting Māori language in the home, school and community. As part of this, we opened an online store in 2006 named the Haemata Reostore, which provides Māori language products and resources to customers.

Our interest in providing a webstore of Māori language products is two-fold: 

  1. to increase access to Māori language products for the consumer – families, schools, individuals, Māori language speakers and learners, 

  2. to provide Māori language resource and product developers with a low-cost outlet that will attract a national and international market. 

Our guiding principles for the webstore are to provide high quality products and a professional and timely service. In practice, this means that products available through the store are quality assured and that delivery of products happen smoothly, quickly and with care. 

If you are interested in your product being marketed through the Reostore, please contact us at