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The accessible guide to learning the Maori language, no matter your knowledge level.

Fun, user-friendly and relevant to modern readers, Scotty Morrison’s Maori Made Easy workbook series is the ultimate resource for anyone wanting to learn the basics of the Maori language.

While dictionaries list words and their definitions, and other language guides offer common phrases, Maori Made Easy connects the dots, allowing the reader to take control of their learning in an empowering way. By committing just 30 minutes a day, learners will adopt the language easily and as best suits their busy lives.

Written by popular TV personality and te reo Maori advocate Scotty Morrison, this series of workbooks proves that learning the language can be fun, effective — and easy!

In this workbook:
- Pronunciation
- Numbers
- Greetings and farewells
- Action phrases
- Personal pronouns




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