When Māori are ready for you, will you be ready for them?


Haemata is pleased to offer communications consultancy service aimed at increasing your organisation's capability and capacity to engage appropriately, effectively and confidently with Māori communities on a wide range of matters.




Cultural Development

  • developing Māori engagement strategies
  • raising organisational capability
  • developing in-house cultural comfort
  • representation on-behalf






Cultural development 700x600 72dpi 1 v2
Identity positioning 700x600 72dpi 2 v2

Identity Positioning

  • communication reviews
  • messaging strategies
  • re-branding and market positioning






Resource Development

  • development of organisational resources for Māori engagement
  • Māori policy development
  • developing project strategies





Resources 700x600 72dpi 1
Community Engagement Online Development 1

Online Presence Optimisation

  • website development
  • social media presence
  • online optimisation strategy





Hard Services

  • Māori design
  • te reo Māori writing
  • te reo Māori translation
  • te reo Māori editing






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Need a Project-Based Team?

For projects requiring a team, please contact the Haemata Tari.