Te Ipu Kōrero

Te Ipu Kōrero is an oral language (reo ā-waha) programme for Māori-medium classrooms. As part of the Ministry of Education's Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora initiative, Te Ipu Kōrero is designed to lift achievement of ākonga who are not achieving at expected levels by improving their oral language. While designed specifically for this purpose, Te Ipu Kōrero has proven to be effective with all ākonga - there is no need to separate or remove students from class.

Te Ipu Kōrero was developed through working with classroom teachers. The lessons were trialled and adapted to ensure they are effective and engaging. The full programme was available for implementation for the first time in 2017. Since then, several rounds of kaiako have implemented the programme with very positive results. 


Kaiako Participating in Te Ipu Kōrero Will Receive

  • full induction into the programme
  • a copy of the programme including all lessons and accompanying resources
  • regular support throughout the implementation
  • fully subsidised support and training.


Kaiako Participating in Te Ipu Kōrero Are Expected To

  • attend a three-day induction hui (out of kura)
  • implement the programme as designed for 10 consecutive weeks (at 2 x 45min lessons / week)
  • attend two further hui (out of kura) of two days each - at midpoint and end of programme
  • provide baseline oral language achievement data for their learners
  • provide weekly monitoring data during the 10-week implementation
  • participate in regular (weekly/fortnightly) monitoring discussions with a member of the Haemata team
  • provide post-implementation achievement data for their learners.


Tumuaki of Kaiako Participating in Te Ipu Kōrero

Supportive Tumuaki are critical to the success of teaching and learning programmes and to how kaiako manage their own learning. Tumuaki are expected to support their kaiako and we welcome tumuaki attending the induction and follow up hui.