Other Resources (Ētahi Atu Rauemi)

Below you'll find some ideas and places to visit to help you continue to speak Māori with your tamariki.  Remember, too, that making your own resources with your whānau can  be a fun way of learning together.



Books are a fantastic way to learn with your child.  Bedtime reading in Māori is such a simple thing to do, with huge benefits for everyone - you get to share another language bonding time with your child, they get greater exposure to te reo Māori and to a wider range of language, they learn the love of reading, and their learning will benefit too.  Go to your local library and check out some books that will interest your whānau. If you find that the range is limited, try speaking to the librarian or writing a letter to the library asking for more Māori language material to be made available. Most are willing to help if they know that there are avid readers out there queuing up for books in Māori.



It really pays to have a dictionary available for easy reference. Try keeping it in a handy place, like the kitchen, so that you can quickly check out a word that you want to say.  Libraries also have copies of Māori language dictionaries available.

Post-it notes!


When you spot a phrase or word that strikes a chord with you, write it down and place it in an obvious place around your home.  That way you’ll be constantly reminded!



The internet holds a wealth of information and resources to help you to use and maintain te reo Māori in your home.  There are lots of websites available, so check them out. Here are some that have good language learning resources relevant for parents.