Te Reo Ūkaipō Online Course

We have all learned te reo Māori in different ways. For some (a few), Māori is the language that was spoken to us as children and is our natural language of choice.    

For others (the majority), however, Māori language has been learnt through classes, reading books, watching television, listening to the radio ... and everything in between! Some of us get quite fluent as learners of te reo Māori and can converse and carry out most of our daily lives in Māori.

That is, until we have children. That's when we find out that all the classes and the resources we have learnt te reo Māori from haven't helped us to say things like 'Your cornflakes are getting soggy' or 'You are stretching the neck of that tee-shirt'. Examples of parent language can be hard to find in Māori language resources or Māori language learning programmes. So, as parents we often need something else!

Te Reo Ūkaipō offers you an online Māori language programme specifically to help parents with all those things we need to be able to say to our kids on a daily basis. Each module takes about 10-15 minutes and can be done whenever you are ready! Choose the modules that you need, and work through them in the order that suits you. Lessons currently available cover some of those tricky grammar points like 'kia and ki te' and introduce you to Māori language for bonding with your baby (He Reo Aroha), for warning and cautioning (Te Reo Tūpato), for talking about simple maths (Te Reo Pāngarau).

Nō reira tīkina he kapu tī, ka tīmata!