Toddler (1-2 Yrs)

Te pakeke o tō tamaiti

 He aha āna pūkenga?

 12-14 months

  • Uses one or more words with meaning (this may be a fragment of a word)
  • Use gestures and speech sounds to let you know what is wanted
  • Understands simple instructions, especially if  vocal or physical cues are given
  • Practices inflection
  • Is aware of the social value of speech

15-18 months

  • A time of emerging words and understanding
  • Has vocabulary of approximately 5-10 words
  • Vocabulary made up chiefly of nouns
  • Is able to follow simple commands
  • May repeat certain phrases

 24 months

  • Pēpi has an understanding of grammar, or the rules of speaking in Māori.
  • Can name a number of objects common to his surroundings
  • Combines words into a short sentence
  • Most of what pēpi says should be intelligible
  • Vocabulary of about 50 words or more
  • Rhythm and fluency often poor
  • Volume and pitch of voice not yet well-controlled
  • Māku/mōku, nāku/nōku feature strongly, although are often mixed up (pēpi won't understand the a/o categories yet)
  • Responds to such commands that include two or more pieces of information such as Tīkina tō kope me ō hū. (Get your nappy and shoes.)